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Advanced age brings a certain privilege of commentary. Whether these are sage words of an old man, or ramblings of an old fool ... are left to the reader. This is my work in progress of stories, poetry (mine and also some of Wilfred Owen and Robert Service), commentary, and personal recollections.

The Altar in the Canyon

In the high desert plateau region of central Utah there are deep canyons which once were home to an ancient culture. Perhaps more than faint memories and petroglyphs linger there; perhaps there are the faint echoes of countless generations of spiritual reverence for time and place.


Pages devoted to two small boats: the Signet 20, an English-built sloop; and the West Wight Potter, an English-inspired dinghy-rigged boat that proves the old adage, "the smaller the boat, the more you will use her."

Penn Cove Odyssey

Mid-life brings restlessness (and sometimes upheaval) to a man's life. I began a search to satisfy the longing for a home and a life on and near the salt water, in the San Juan Island archipelago region of Puget Sound, a region which I had briefly lived and then sometimes visited as a young boy living in Washington State.

Where is MistyWood?

Our dream of retirement to Whidbey Island began with a long search that led us to buy a 3-acre patch of wooded hillside overlooking the south edge of Penn Cove. To me, the atmosphere of damp woodland, the whisper of breezes in the tall fir and alder trees, and the understory of ferns, rhododendron shrubs, and huckleberries standing in a carpet of forest duff and rotting logs, is about as close to a perfect wild garden as one could hope for.

MistyIsle Home

Ms. Graybyrd reminded her sometimes impractical mate that a house might be a good thing, if one intended to live out one's life on an island. So, another search led to our idea of an island paradise: two acres of lawns, gardens, trees, a large pond, and a house. Now we own pieces of the island on both the north and south sides of Penn Cove.

Two Wings

Humanity is no simple physical creature with a finite existence. Nor is man a singular entity. There are two sides to every picture. Explore this brief introduction to a Faith that opens a universe of knowledge to our curious minds.

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