Sailing "Full and Bye"


West Wight Pottering: We've owned a West Wight Potter 15 for many years, and Marcia has made me swear that we would never sell this charming little boat. The boat is a 1981 model, hull number 1254. Her name is "Poteet". An extremely dedicated and active owner's association exists in the United States with groups on the east coast, in California, and the Pacific Northwest.


Potter on the Beach

The SIGNET 20: For as long as I can remember, at least since early childhood, I wanted my own boat. Not just any boat, but a cruising sailboat that could take me to those places "over the horizon." I did not find the boat ... she found me. Read the story and see some pix of a strange love affair.



See  Rough Water  "Running for Deception Pass"

rainbow rule

Full and Bye
is an old sailing term which means to sail slightly "off the wind" when trying to sail the boat upwind. Trying to "pinch" the boat as far into the wind as she will point is a common mistake of inexperienced sailors: they attempt to gain as much "upwind" distance as possible. They think that falling "off the wind" by five or ten degrees will cost them too much "uphill" gain. The reality is that by easing off a bit, the boat will be able to fill her sails and charge ahead at much greater speed. She will literally seem to take a "bone in her teeth" and will feel alive, charging into the oncoming waves with great momentum. This is sailing "full and bye" ... a good metaphor for life, perhaps?

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