Spirits Upon the Rocks


This is Patahoek. He is the Sentinel of the Canyon;
the Watcher; the Dispenser of Blessings.


Death Mask

Mystery: The Death Mask of the Camas Praire

Story Panel

The Story Panel: What are the secrets locked within this scene?


SPECIAL NOTE: All of these images are "frame captures" from Sony Hi-8 videocam photography. None of the petroglyphs were touched or disturbed in any way during the recording of these images. The digitized images have been enhanced for brightness and contrast, and in a few instances, for special effects. In an earlier, less sensitive age, photographers would often use chalk on the actual petroglyph to highlight and enchance the image. This was a destructive practice that has since been forbidden. With digital technology such practices are totally unnecessary, as these images show. It is absolutely essential that all visitors to sites of these ancient remains show infinite respect for the integrity and preservation of these priceless gifts. We must not touch them, or mark them, or disturb them in any way.



With muttering thunder the dark clouds rise;
heavens reverberate the ancient prayers
etched on the sandstone walls of the canyons,
reflecting the wisdom of ancient races.
Shaman rituals forged ancestral connections;
spiritual trails link yesterdays with today.
Invocations for blessings and guidance
adorn the halls of the canyon crossing.
Sacred sagesmoke ascends in spirals
rising from the ridge-crest point of the junction;
Here the reed-voiced, face-painted Shaman
chants his sonorous prayer of the ages.
Spiritual steeds bearing his ancestors
arise to gallop in heavenly hosts;
they race the west wind, leaping the ramparts,
ablaze in the gold of the setting sun.

GrayByrd © 1995, 2008

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