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Mon, 31 May 2021

Like a Fat Worm

Yeh, that’s what the ultrasound display showed. My blocked artery on the side of my heart looked like a dead worm on the sidewalk after a rainstorm forced it out of the ground and it crawled up onto the sidewalk and died there.

A twisted, shrunken, and blocked conduit.

So the surgeon, feeding his wire-mounted device up through the artery in my right-hand wrist, up over the shoulder and down into the branch feeds from the heart, eventually wound up at the dead worm site. And he loaded two platinum-chromium wire mesh stents to force that dead worm open to restore circulation to the side of the heart that was lacking sufficient blood circulation and not performing well.

The new image of the site showed a fat worm with a straight section.

I do feel better.

Now I’m taking heavy-duty blood thinners to prevent the metal devices (coated with medication) from causing clots or scar tissue that would seal them.

Yeh, it seems like a miracle.

All I’ve got is a tiny scab on my wrist where the puncture site is healing; and not a huge chest scar from open-heart surgery.


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