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Mon, 31 May 2021

Like a Fat Worm

Yeh, that’s what the ultrasound display showed. My blocked artery on the side of my heart looked like a dead worm on the sidewalk after a rainstorm forced it out of the ground and it crawled up onto the sidewalk and died there.

A twisted, shrunken, and blocked conduit.

So the surgeon, feeding his wire-mounted device up through the artery in my right-hand wrist, up over the shoulder and down into the branch feeds from the heart, eventually wound up at the dead worm site. And he loaded two platinum-chromium wire mesh stents to force that dead worm open to restore circulation to the side of the heart that was lacking sufficient blood circulation and not performing well.

The new image of the site showed a fat worm with a straight section.

I do feel better.

Now I’m taking heavy-duty blood thinners to prevent the metal devices (coated with medication) from causing clots or scar tissue that would seal them.

Yeh, it seems like a miracle.

All I’ve got is a tiny scab on my wrist where the puncture site is healing; and not a huge chest scar from open-heart surgery.


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Fri, 16 Apr 2021

Terrorists? Pfffft!

We don't need no steenking TERRORISTS!

We SHOOT terrorists! On SIGHT! HaHaHaHahahaha! BUT ... !!!

We love much better to shoot OURSELVES... !! Yes, individually, or in GROUPS we SHOOT! Our national sport! Coming soon to a SCHOOL near YOU!

America!! Land of the FREE! Land of the GUN!! Land of the MASS SHOOTING!!

Hahahahahahaha ... cry, you sniveling terrorist... you come here, you DIE!!!

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America Loves Guns

April 16, 2021

So far today America has had (reported at least): 12,395 shooting deaths so far this year in the US, of which 147 were in mass shootings. Last year saw a total of 43.549 deaths, and 610 in mass shootings.*

And we're only in the fourth month of the year.

Today, in Indianapolis, IN we had another: a fellow shot and killed eight people, and then shot and killed himself. Total: 9

It's rather pointless to say "enough is enough" because we've endured this madness for years and nothing has changed.

Except, possibly, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has declared bankruptcy. But that is not due to national revulsion of the NRA's long-standing tradition of opposing all gun regulation, no matter how sensible. No, it was due to simple malfeasance and corruption by the NRA's executive leadership.

The old saw, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" may apply here. So I propose the following (assuming that America salvages the financial fortunes of its beloved NRA and we continue forward under the NRA banner):


All paid-up NRA members take up their weapons and take to the streets at "Official Sunrise" in their community, and shoot it out! Celebrate the right not only to bear arms, but to USE them, freely and unashamedly! Shoot, wound, maim, kill, wing, pot, snipe, and otherwise bring down (!) the other guy (or gal!) on sight!

Oh, what a grand celebration it could be! Think of the stress relief! No longer waiting for the random daily mass shooting in some unpredictable location, but on this one, grand, glorious day (!) it is every man (gal) take to the streets for an entire daylight (ends at Official Dusk) day of unrestricted shooting! (School yards and classrooms excepted.)

Soon to be introduced as a National Patriotic Measure by a Republican Senator near you!

*The Gun Violence Archive

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