Signet 20


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"Rigel" - Hull No. 138

Built in England in about 1964 or 1965 by Signet Marine, Ltd., of London. "RIGEL" nearly came to her end as an abandoned cast-off in the back lot of a San Francisco boat yard. She was named "Rigel" by her former owner John Ingram (information from a radio license found in her lazarette compartment). He sailed her single-handedly in the San Francisco bay area, to Hawaii and back, and in the Baja California area, according to statements made by his son several years after John's death.

John's son sold Rigel to an Idaho man and his son-in-law, who trailered her to Meridian, near Boise. He quickly became discouraged at the amount of work needed to bring her back to useable condition. I was scanning the boat classified listings in the Boise paper by chance. The mention of "auxiliary engine" in the description of a 20-foot sloop caught my attention, as this is very unusual in sailboats this size. One look at her lines captured my heart. I spent three years and much labor and money to bring this tiny blue-water cruiser back to life. Sailing her is a joy; cruising in her is the fulfillment of a long-time dream.


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