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Sun, 09 Aug 2020

Here's an Idea

Let's find a way to send them all home!

After all, they're just a threat to each other, running around the Halls of Congress, half with masks and half with naked sneers. And they can't seem to agree on anything except that everybody but their side sucks.

So it's got so bad that Dear Leader slips off to his golf course and while huffin' 'n' puffin' 'n' swattin' at that pesky white pellet, a golf cart comes racing up the fairway from the lodge carryin' an SS Agent clutchin' a clipboard and a Presidential Sharpie.

And The Donald grabs the clipboard, flips through the few sheets there, and with a flourish he scribbles his scrawl across each sheet.

"There!" he proclaims. "Four more Executive Orders! The Nation is Back on Track!"

The SS Agent catches the out-flung clipboard, dashes for the golf cart, and races back to the Lodge, radio'ing ahead "It's done! Alert the White House!"

See? Who needs Congress?

Think of the money we'd save if we just put 'em all on furlough and half pay?

And if we missed 'em, we could call 'em back, maybe a few at a time?

Just a thought. Wishful thinking, really.


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