Vain Imagining

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It’s something of a marvel to sit here on this round rock with a gooey center, spinning around a nuclear furnace, pinned by laws of gravity, orbital mechanics & such; a ‘lifeboat in space’ carrying its burden of intelligent, self-aware life of endless form, constantly evolving and adapting; our brightest investigators yet unable to delve to the limits of atomic structure, nor probe to the infinite limits of the cosmos and beyond, or begin to answer “What does hold it all up? Where are the boundaries?

And in the midst of that great unknowing, untold multitudes of us came forth, lived and died, all the while wondering. As far back as recorded history goes, the record tells of an endless quest for an answer: “What Creator brought about this Creation? And why?”

Thus a creature fated to live perhaps three score and ten will rise up in its arrogance and ignorance to proclaim its vain imaginings: “I say its all bullshit!”

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