Hail Free Trade

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Childhood smiles of joy effaced,
Drum-taut skin, despair encased,
Youthful spark of life erased,
Eyes beyond imploring.

TV commentator cries:
“Third-world excess millions die,
Military regimes deny.”

Camera-frozen orphans stare.

Shop the shrink-wrapped bargain sale,
“Made in China” consumers hail
Economies of global scale;
Children pay the price.

TV pundits analyze
the shift of global enterprise;
Surplus workers cast aside.
“Made in China.”

Cocaine mother’s withered breast
suckles her infant. A hideous bequest,
innocents bartered in material quest,
Our children desecrated.

Fear free trade where greed succeeded,
Where hungry children go unheeded.
Human values fade, defeated.
Mourn the prey of trade.


Graybyrd   ©   1997, 2008