Hot Dog!

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Hey, did you know … ?

I got a touch screen ‘puter and I tried Windows 8 on it, and I just hate it when I have to rub my finger on that draggy-plastic surface, you know? So I got this, like, idea that hot dogs are a lot like fingers (except some girls in my junior high class thought they were better than carrots) so I got a pack of hot dogs, but not the frozen ones, you know, but, like, the nice really tactile soft and squeezy type hot dogs? And I put some paper napkins on the keyboard because I got the touch screen so I don’t need the keyboard?

And I found, like Wow! I can flop and flap and flip them icons with the end of the hot dog on that touch screen, and them icons follow like little kittens … and all afternoon man I got so much browsin’ and stuff done! I only wore out three of them hotdogs doing the Windows 8 slap and drag thing, so that left the others in the pack for lunch. Man that screen was a mess! But you know, I licked it all off and it was delicious! And then the napkins on the keyboard was only a little gooey so they made a good face-wipe, and I gotta tell ya …

Man, you gotta get Windows 8 and some hot dogs!

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