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We’ll Never Miss It!

Here’s a post I made recently on my favorite tech site, It’s a comment in a discussion concerning a new Android-based OS for PC’s.

Re: Yay!

“Asking someone to dump their familiar [presumably] Windows desktop in favour of something new…”

“most non-techy folks love their phones, but tend to slightly fear their computers, due to the perceived likelihood of “doing something wrong” and breaking it”

And right there, Sparky, lies the nub of the argument! From my perspective, as an old-time user who works with elderly friends (including my spouse!) there really is no longer a familiar … Windows desktop! Most all the folks I know got well-accustomed to the XP experience; they bought all the “Dummies” books and struggled to learn the Windows “Way” of doing things. Then Microsoft proceeded to throw all of their skills in the shitter by needlessly fecking around with the interface, until finally the users begin to look at their PC with all the love and adoration they’d give a turd in the punchbowl.

And I’ve been asked to “fix” their PC’s because “it broke!” and it’s all fecked up and won’t do anything anymore, all because they fell into the Venus flytrap of digestive sludge that is the Windows OS that doesn’t get tweaked, cleaned, deloused, defragmented, and de-virused on a weekly basis. Arcane Linux? Without exception every Senior whose Windows OS I’ve replaced with Linux is happy! The OS sits in the background, never intruding, while they do Email (T-Bird), Browse (F-Fox) and write letters to Social Security (L-Office).

A new variant of Linux on an affordable gadget? Hell yes! Goodbye, MS Win, you can kiss our gnarly ol’ asses goodbye whilst we snatch up our walkers and leave yer unholy mess o’confusion behind!

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