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What oozes up, must go down again!

A few weeks ago I was rudely awakened by the sound of an industrial air compressor and a jackhammer in the street outside my bedroom window. After stumbling to the kitchen for heart-starting juice (hot, black) and a moment to pry my eyes open, a peek out the kitchen window revealed the Mud Harbor City Works Department digging up the street.

"Okay. The neighbor’s john must have backed up again; they’re digging up the old Kotex pads, plastic Kinect pieces, and the stuffed monkey the kids flushed down the crapper. No problem.

After a few days of on-again jack-hammery; then the MHCW crew standing in the hole making repairs and connections; followed by the asphalt dump ‘n’ patch delivery, all was silent again on our Street of Bliss. Until …

wet street

WTF? Where’s that water coming from?

Yeh, Sparky! Yer eyes ain’t deceivin’ ya just yet, and that pint of "Old Overshot" ya guzzled last night ain’t warped yer mind … yet. That’s real water oozing up out of the street. It ain’t rained since … early this morning, and the rest of the street is all nice ‘n’ dry.

Oozing meter hole

Why, lookee there! It’s sure enuff comin’ up out around that "Water" cover thing-a-bob!

a wet chuckhole

And, lookee there, Sparky! We got a new self-filling chuckhole!

Okay … we got the source located. Where’s all that unauthorized street seepage going to? Well, lookee there, Sparky! Somebody got clever and dug a little ditch to run all that seepage right back to the Mud Harbor City Facility via the storm drain!

flow into storm drain

We should consider it a blessing in disguise! Come the hot ‘n’ dry weather, when the lawns turn brown and the little bunnies carry their own canteens, the feral cats in the neighborhood won’t all have to drink from my birdbath. Now they’ve got their own little waterin’ hole right here on Bliss Street. (Until that wild-eyed crazy kid comes rippin’ down the street at 65 mph in his jacked-up F-150 pick’em up truck. But who said being a feral cat was all bliss on Bliss Street?)

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