Perfectly Lawful

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Everything is perfectly lawful in any regime that interprets its own laws … and is empowered to conceal anything it desires under the guise of national security. Any US citizen reading their national Constitution cannot rely on the plain meaning of the words therein, as the interpretation of those words is the province of the government in power. Thus, “torture” is not torture, but “enhanced interrogation.”

And the fourth amendment in the “Bill of Rights,” the intent of which was to protect citizens from the unrestrained power of a central government, contains the word “unreasonable” regarding search and seizure. To the common man, “unreasonable” is fairly plain in its intent. To a government agency, the word “unreasonable” is sufficiently elastic to reach the moon, as was proven this week by a Supreme Court decision allowing DNA seizure, for retention in a permanent national database, from anyone arrested for any “serious” offense. Define “serious,” please?

As former President William Jefferson Clinton, explained: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

Each evening the mice come forth to nibble the sausage in our cupboard; they take so little, there is no need to tear the house apart to hunt them down. And at long last, there will be nothing left but the string from the end of the sausage. That, too, will not be worth fighting for. We Americans have grown quite comfortable with our Ministry of Peace, our Ministry of Love, our Ministry of Truth, and our Ministry of Plenty.

Rivers of blood flow. Freedoms are gained; freedoms are lost. Only history endures.

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