Implacable Chinese

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Lest we think that global supremacy is something the Celestial Being automagically granted the US of A simply for being the land of the free and waving fields of grain, think again.

We’ve shot our wad. Like the prodigal son that inherited the benefits of his Granddaddy’s and his Daddy’s foresight, sacrifice, and hard work, we’ve gone to Las Vegas and blown it all on the craps tables. We’re so deeply in debt to the Asian nations—principally the Chinese—for funding our profligate over-spending ways, that they’re now in a position to call the shots and there’s little we can do about it.

By the by, “implacable” means, according to my dictionary: “unable to be placated : he was an implacable enemy of Ted’s. • relentless; unstoppable : the implacable advance of the enemy.”

China is a 2,000 year old culture. They’ve learned to take the long view. The U.S. is not yet 250 years in existence, and we can hardly look beyond the next presidential primary.

Consider this: from today’s AP news reporting, China is pledging to retaliate against the U.S. over arms sales to Taiwan [which was promised under W’s administration-GB] and is warning of further damage to ties if President Barack Obama meets the Dalai Lama. Also, the report says there’s likely to be further upset ahead over trade friction, currency rate troubles, and recent accusations of Chinese-sponsored cyber-spying and attacks against scores of U.S. and other western corporations, seeking to steal industrial trade secrets and to raid email listings of dissident Chinese who use outside resources to maintain internet contacts.

Beijing holds $2.4 Trillion in foreign debt, about $800 Billion of which is invested in U.S. Treasury securities.

The report quotes Edward Friedman, a China specialist at the University of Wisconsin: Since the 2008 financial crisis, Beijing has concluded that the world’s developed democracies “are badly wounded and therefore a healthy and growing China can now impose its will all over the world.

“It therefore has become more assertive and uncompromising and self-confident, such that its actions seem arrogant to many,” he said.

Political pundits have already agreed that the national deficit is so great that the ability of any U.S. President to initiate new domestic initiatives is severely hampered. Add to that the fact that our military has been exhausted, worn out, depleted, and stretched dangerously too thin in the Middle East.


Think about it.

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