Cruelty to a Rat

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I’m a news junkie. I love browsing the news, trying to keep my gnarly ol’ finger on the pulse of “what’s happening now.” Like the extreme sad news of a natural gas explosion this morning that destroyed a Connecticutt power plant that killed five and injured many more.

But sometimes the news is so bizarre it jars my senses and brings a “What the hell’s with that?!” from my lips. Like this one: The RSPCA in Australia has fined ITV $3,000 Aussie dollars for … ready for this? … killing and eating a rat! “The animal was killed for a TV show, that’s not appropriate,” said RSPCA chief inspector David Oshannessy.

I’m sure the Australian rats are grateful for the protection, but I’d bet they’ll still scurry for cover whenever a TV crew comes near. Rats do that, you know. Scurry for cover.

But I’ll bet that Special Forces troops, deployed for jungle survival training, won’t be too observant of the RSPCA (“Rat” Society?) prohibitions when it comes to eating grubs, earthworms, crickets, lizards, and the fortuitous “rat on a stick” cuisine.

If the Land of Oz is so short of rats they gotta cherish them, I think we could arrange for a few 747-loads of them from Chicago, St. Louis, or New York City to be rounded up and flown down to Sydney in time for their fall house-invasion season.


Ya Want REAL Cruelty to Rodents? Try this one!

A customer calls tech support; sez their printer mouse is jammed!

Printer mouse? Printers don’t have a mouse!

Ya want I should send you a picture?

printer_mouse.jpg />

Just LOOK at that poor little critter … now THAT has gotta be worth a whole boatload of Aussie Rat Society dollars!

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